Friday, January 24, 2014

I want people to like my book (but it's OK if you don't)

I like when people like my book*! Especially smart, awesome people. So I was very excited that The Self Unstable was #8 on Coldfront's Top 40 Poetry Books of 2013 feature. Coldfront is one of the best supporters/promoters of contemporary poetry while still offering serious criticism (as opposed to empty rah-rah-ing). A big thank you to John Deming, and to Melinda Wilson for the review:
Gabbert’s unruffled approach allows her to address some of humanity’s greatest anxieties–the possibility, for instance, that “if life has any meaning, it comes at the end.” On page after page, we receive stirring insights that frequently possess the power of aphorism; time and again, the book proves illuminating. These poems awaken our curiosities regarding the human life and its possibility for holding any real purpose. They are philosophical yet pragmatic. They don’t expect too much of the truth; they teach us satisfaction with life’s “continual climbing, with no resolution—just an ever-building terror” because, like the self, the truth is unstable.
The whole feature is great, look no further if you don't know where to start with recent poetry collections.

I was also excited to get a name-check in this super-fun post that listifies every book Roxane Gay read last year. I am under "If You Only Read Three Books of Poetry Read These." ALL BRAG, NO HUMBLE. The post is worth reading for the list titles alone, e.g.:
  • A Book I Read Because I Saw the Movie Preview and Had to Know What Was Going On and Then It Was Terrible.
  • Books I Truly Did Not Care For And Was Kind of Angry At
  • A Book I Appreciated on the Sentence and Conceptual Level That I Wanted More From
  • A Haunting, Excellent Book With a Breathtaking Ending
  • The Fifty Shades of Grey Imitation I Truly Regret Reading That Makes FSOG Look Like a Literary Masterpiece

*Yes, I do, I want you to like my book. I don't care, however, if you agree with it.

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