Wednesday, May 7, 2014

May links

RIP Russell Edson. One of the great comic poets along with Bill Knott and James Tate (oh god are we about to lose him too)? Here's one of my favorite Edson poems:

Killing the Ape 

They were killing the ape with infinite care; not too much or it runs past dying and is born again. 
Too little delivers a sick old man covered with fur … 
Gently gently out of hell, the ape climbing out of the ape.

Anyway I started this post to share a few links:

I have a bit part in this cool British podcast (episode 15 of CAR) about perfume, along with Alyssa Harad and this beautiful Britney Spears song.

I did a "visual interview" for the Triangle PA (they sent me a disposable camera -- remember those? -- and I went on a scavenger hunt).

Tracy Dimond wrote about The Self Unstable at HTML Giant.

Also, a couple of recent collaborative poems: at The Rumpus and Atticus Review.

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