Monday, September 14, 2015

Upcoming readings

Hello, muchachos! If you are in either Denver or New York, I'M COMING TO YOUR TOWN!

This Saturday, September 19, I'm reading as part of the Denver Small Press Fest, along with Sommer Browning, Brian Foley, Eric Baus, Aby Kapaung and others. The reading is at 5 pm at Metroboom (1231 35th St. Dever 80205).

And next Sunday, September 27, I'm reading in Brooklyn along with Sommer Browning, Chris Tonelli and others, again at 5 pm at Over the Eight in Brooklyn (594 Union Ave). (Apparently Happy Hour in NY is from 6 to 8:30? Amazing; happy hour always ends at 6 here.) Please come and say hi!

Speaking of Chris Tonelli, we had a long conversation over email this spring and summer about poetry and all things related to poetry, such as buildings and clouds; you can read it at the Conversant.

Also, I wrote an essay for the Smart Set about the word "pretty."


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