Thursday, December 10, 2015

Livetweet Love, Actually; read my stuff

Hey guys, sorry I haven't posted anything since September, but who blogs?

Some news and recent links:

Sommer and I are finally doing another movie live-tweet, and this time it's your favorite awful holiday movie, Love, Actually. Next Thursday, December 17, watch and tweet along with us (it's streaming on Netflix and Amazon) and don't forget the hashtag: #liveactually (ha.ha.)

Over at the Smart Set, I wrote about how and why we visualize people and places when reading fiction:

My whole life, I have always imagined the houses in books as my own house or a house I’m familiar with. Rich families always get assigned to my childhood best friend’s house, since it’s the largest house I know well. As a kid most houses were my parents’ house, and now I automatically picture either my current apartment or an apartment from my recent past, even when it doesn’t fit the descriptions. Sometimes, I’ll try to “stretch” the apartment to house proportions, or modify the architecture — move a door, add a staircase. But when I’m not concentrating on it, I’ll go right back to picturing the real apartment.

I also have a couple of new Blunt Instrument columns up, one on how you know when your book is finished (covering both when to stop working on it and send it out, and when to abandon it completely), and one on the practicality of starting a blog to promote your writing.

I have a Judy poem at the Harvard Review.

At the Critical Flame, I interviewed Laura van den Berg about uncertainty, ambiguity and trauma in her novel Find Me.

I told The Collapsar about a couple of books I read lately.

And later this month I'm going to post a full list of all the books I read this year, with commentary and lists of my top favorites. EXCITING!

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